Our notion of the “backyard,”the right of the American suburbanite, the idea of nature experienced with the comforts of home, probably deserves looser meaning. And I’m going to take full advantage here.

I’ve been a casual hiker and camper for the better part of fifteen years, a lover of the outdoors for nearly all my life, and have almost always written on, during, and about my experiences. I once imagined this to be a chronicle of past adventures, bold and bracing, though I’ve had to adjust the scale a bit, now as a proud husband and father of two young children. So, most of my adventures are of the ‘normal,’ sort of, close-to-home kind.

I’m also a writer—affable, hard headed, sometimes quixotic, and trying to navigate the minefield of freelance work.

That being said, this site is just for fun, a place to write about things I enjoy—outings with the kids and wife, or solo, my amateur attempts at fly fishing, bushcraft inspired projects, trail running, and anything else that seems relatable. Adjust your expectations accordingly. I’m not much of a gearhead (nor do I buy a lot of stuff), but I do love to find creative ways to use the bit of kit I do have, even if it means making it from scratch. I’ve got a few years of training and experience as an engineer, and so I can’t help but try to fit square pegs into round holes every now and again.

In addition, I’m slowly cataloging my latest (and biggest) project—a blog where my wife and I detail our efforts to renovate an old Streamline Empress travel trailer into a livable space, to simplify, and prep for a long adventure on the road. When it’s ready (the site, not the trailer), I’ll post the link.

Feel free to reach out via the Contact page or comment section on any post. I don’t have much of a web presence beyond this, but I’m working on it. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.

Reid Doughten


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